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Are you an entrepreneur who is looking to set your business apart from the rest and make a positive impact in your industry?

Are you an aspiring transformational leader who dreams of aligning your life or business with your calling, elucidating your message, and confidently bringing your best work to the world?

Are you looking to transition to a new role, reinvent yourself or step-up a level on your career ladder?

Are you struggling to keep your work-life balance while working on your career or business?



Career Coaching

Choosing the right career is one of the most crucial decisions you'll make in your lifetime.

Whether you’re choosing to stay in your current career path, make a transition, or move up
the career ladder. I can help you develop a roadmap to achieve your career goals.

Business Coaching

While owning a business can be rewarding and fulfilling, if you’re a small business owner it
can also be a lonely journey, and times it can become overwhelming and complicated.


For business start-ups who are struggling to get their business going, or even those who have
been in business for years but have reached a business or personal growth plateau, or who
are suddenly feeling unfulfilled about their business and want to pivot, my business
coaching services could be the right fit for you.


About Me

I am an ICF accredited coach, PCC, and a DISC personality and behavioural practitioner. I coach ambitious professionals to improve performance in their career or business through finding their authentic style of leadership, and helping them align their skills, strengths and values with their goals so they can operate from a position of empowerment and excel in their field of expertise.

Prior to coaching I devoted over 15 years to working in corporate and the financial services industry as a commercial and regulatory lawyer supporting stakeholders at various levels globally. This has provided me with extensive knowledge, insight and understanding of the business world.

I am also the co-founder of Cycle Race, an e-bike business with a focus on using sustainable products.

I have a post-graduate Diploma in Personal and Business Coaching from Barefoot Coaching, an Honors in Law (LLB) and Masters in Law (LLM). I am qualified to practice as a solicitor in England and Wales.


P-Factor Coaching

P-Factor Coaching is a holistic and engaging process that not only helps you gain clarity and a growth mindset, but it actually provides practical career, or business solutions and customised action plans that you can immediately implement to see tangible and measurable results. My coaching approach is guided by P-Factors four “P” principles.


Clarity of purpose is essential to move forward. What are your life, career and business goals?


Our first job is to delve deep and find out what you really want, so we can work on a clear path and find out the best strategy to get to where you want to be.

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My goal is not only to set your potential in motion as an individual or as a business unit but to magnify it to the fullest extent through transformational thinking, mapping action plans and identifying opportunities to utilise sustainable business practices.

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My coaching approach is aimed at helping you rediscover your power and break through possible limiting beliefs that hinder your growth. This tool will help you achieve the level of empowerment that will propel your vision into fruition.

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Through clarity of purpose, empowerment and magnified potential, you can operate at optimum performance that will sustain and fuel your business or career development in the long run.

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VIP Next Level Business Performance Programme.

1:1 Service - £2000

Work with me for 8 sessions. Each session will be up to 90 minutes with email support between sessions. Topics to be covered during each session will be agreed in session 1. We can look at:

- Exploring what’s possible for your business.
- Defining your business goals and developing an action plan for making them a reality.
- Finding a niche.
- Implementing sustainable-thinking and sustainable business practices.
- Breaking through obstacles you’re facing in your business.

If you’re not ready for an 8 session programme, you can contact me to discuss a 4 week option.

VIP Next Level Career Performance Programme.

1:1 Service - £1800

Work with me for 8 sessions with a focus on career transition or performance programme. Each session will be up to 90 minutes with email support between sessions. Topics to be covered during each sessions will be agreed in session 1 and can include:

- Career exploration.
- Self-awareness and high-performance mindset
- Skills, Strength and Values audit.
- Identifying your authentic leadership style.
- Imposter syndrome.
- Building Self-Confidence and motivation.
- Interview preparation.

Career or Business Breakthrough Session



Are you feeling stuck? frustrated or overwhelmed? Sometimes you’re not ready to share something with others or you just need that non-judgemental space to brainstorm, clear your mind or unravel a matter.
This is a 1 hour session where we can look at career or business related matter such as: career or business strategy, mindset for success, goal-setting, time management, communications skills.

Discovery Call

20 Minute Call

A free call where you can discuss what your goals and expectations are from coaching and I can answer any questions you may have about the coaching process. It also allows us to decide whether we want to work with each other.

DISC Behavioural and Personality Assessment

As a qualified DISC practitioner, I offer DISC profiling as a standalone service. 

The DiSC Profile is a personality assessment that provides insights into natural and adaptable behavioural styles in relation to our personal lives, the workplace, leadership, and teams.

DISC profiling helps us to appreciate our differences and recognise our similarities. It is made up of four types of behaviours – Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. It's from assessing the combinations of those four personality factors that DISC can give you real insights into a personality.

Understanding your DISC profile can help you:

  • Increase your level of awareness and awareness of others

  • Communicate better with other

  • Understand your development areas

  • Improve work relationships


There are 2 options with this service:

  • Do the assessment and receive a full DISC report with your results.

  • Do the assessment, receive a full DISC report and coaching session to go through the report and determine how your new knowledge can empower you going forward.

Contact Me

UK, London 

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“I gained so much from my call with Jaqueline. It felt like I was talking to an old friend and the support was incredible. I got a lot of clarity on my niche and what my next steps can be, and also some really important advice on what pitfalls to avoid. I'm incredibly grateful to Jaqueline for her kindness and for so graciously offering her time and expertise.”

- Clara Wasserstein -

“Jackie Lawrence was fantastic from the very start. Her enthusiasm is infectious, with a huge amount of knowledge and amazing ideas on how to reach your goals. I finished our session feeling invigorated and empowered. I knew exactly what to do next and more importantly HOW to do it. I would highly recommend Jackie to people who are looking to go to that next level in their career and life. Thank you very much Jackie.”


- Nathan O -

“I have been attending coaching sessions with Jackie for almost a year and her optimism and careful direction have been invaluable. I was at a crossroads in my life and my future looked bleak. Jackie's pragmatic and objective approach brought clarity and hope for the future. With her help and timely coaching I didn't give up or give in to external stimuli. Her flexible and upbeat persona has an extraordinary way of rubbing off on you and giving you a new zest for life!”


- A.B. - Barrister -

“I will be forever grateful for the patience, knowledge and inspiration that Jackie has infused into my core.. and no words could be enough to express that. Thank you for believing in me and taking me onboard all the way, J!”

- Adrian G -

"A one-time one-on-one career coaching session with Jackie spiralled up to several other sessions simply because it was never about boxes to be ticked for her. Jackie was genuinely interested in seeing me achieve my end result: landing a new remote role as a Machine Learning Engineer."


"What struck me the most was how I was able to leapfrog from no interviews to several interviews within a few weeks of our engagement. I was able to navigate the nuances of the international job market and subsequently landed a role with a company in Canada even while still in Nigeria. Jackie's myriad of experiences is unparalleled and she is an invaluable coach or mentor to those looking to take their careers to the next level."

- A.Afolabi (Machine Learning Engineer) -

"Jackie is truly one of my favourite people on the face of this earth to work with! She is warm, kind, friendly and decisive. She has truly transformed my career. Jackie knows how to zero in on issues and develop a plan of attack to take your career goals to the next level. Not to mention she's an expert in emotional intelligence!”

- O. Bardis (Product Manager) -

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