Are you an entrepreneur who is looking to set your business apart from the rest and make a positive impact in your industry?


Are you an aspiring transformational leader who dreams of aligning your lives or business with your calling, elucidating your message, and confidently bringing your best work to the world?


Are you looking to transition to a new role, reinvent yourself or step-up a level on your career ladder?


Are you struggling to keep your work-life balance while working on your career or business?

I’m Here to Change Your Life and Career

Hi, I’m Jackie, your business strategy and development coach, and I’m here to help you transform yourself, your career or your business to maximise your results by providing you with personalised high-value, high-impact coaching, and mentoring designed to help you unlock your potential for greater success.


I have a unique and exceptional blend of knowledge and understanding of the business world, and I help difference-makers like you discover the real purpose and focus of your business. My coaching approach is guided by four “P” principles hence P-Factor Coaching was formulated.



Clarity of purpose is essential to move forward. What are your life, career and business goals? Our first job is to delve deep and find out what you really want, so we can work on a clear path and find out the best strategy to get to where you want to be.



My coaching approach is aimed at helping you rediscover your power and break through possible limiting beliefs that hinder your growth. This tool will help you achieve the level of empowerment that will propel your vision into fruition.



My goal is not only to set your potential in motion as an individual or as a business unit but to magnify it to the fullest extent through transformational thinking, mapping action plans and identifying opportunities to utilise sustainable business practices.



Through clarity of purpose, empowerment and magnified potential, you can operate at optimum performance that will sustain and fuel your business or career development in the long run.

My leadership, business and career coaching uses powerful tools that will help you transform to the best possible version of yourself. Unlike most targeted coaching services, P-Factor Coaching is a holistic process that does not only deal with creating clear and positive mindset, but it actually provides practical business solutions and customised action plans that you can immediately implement to see tangible and measurable results.



The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential, these are the keys that will
unlock the door to personal excellence.
- Confucius - 

My Coaching Services

The coaching services are aimed at clarifying your purpose and designing a path that will empower you to take steps towards reaching your best potential and

operating at optimum performance.

Business Coaching


While owning a business can be rewarding and fulfilling, it can also become  overwhelming and complicated at times. For business start ups who are struggling to get their business going, or even those who have been in business for years but have reached a business or personal growth plateau, or those who are suddenly feeling unfulfilled about their business and want to expand, my business coaching service is the right fit for you.



P-Factor Coaching can assist you with:

  • Redefining your business goals and dreams and help you develop an action plan for making them a reality.

  • Creating a better lifestyle: Your work and personal goals will be aligned, with a better work-life balance. 

  • Implementing sustainable-thinking and sustainable business practices.



For any business related challenge or obstacle that is hindering you from achieving your vision, my P-Factor Business Coaching will help you find the appropriate evidence-based solution that will help you see quantifiable results. I’ll be with you for consultation every step of the process, from clarifying your business goals to creating a plan to execution and evaluating the effectiveness of the plans in action. I’ll help you differentiate your business and create a culture conducive to your future strategic aspirations.

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Career Coaching


Choosing the right career is one of the most crucial decisions you'll make in your lifetime. Whether you’re choosing to stay in your current career path, or make a transition, I can help you step up in the corporate career ladder.



P-Factor Coaching can help you:

  • Explore your career options.

  • Build a strategy to transition to a different career path.

  • Identify your values, strengths, and areas of improvements in preparation for a new role.

  • Achieve the dream of freedom and lifestyle while still being ahead on your path to career development.



P-Factor Coaching recognises that every individual is unique and deserves dedicated attention.  Guided by my extensive corporate experience, my career coaching services offer a personalised action plan rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to career development. As the founder and Director of P-Factor Coaching, I've coached many people across a wide professional spectrum to help identify their best career goals, transition into a new career, and transform their lives.

'If you're always trying to be normal, you will never know
 how amazing you can be.'
- Maya Angelou - 

Leadership Coaching


Being a leader at heart can be both a blessing and a curse, especially if you have no aim or purpose for your leadership calling. I understand the torment of having a message to share or wanting to make an impact but not having the right avenue to confidently bring your best work to the world. If you desire to be the leader you know you are born to be, the P-Factor Leadership coaching will unlock and magnify your leadership potential.



My leadership coaching services can help you:

  • Develop a more effective leadership style.

  • Provide clarity and focus on decision-making.

  • Strengthen self-confidence and well-being.

  • Improve communication skills.

  • Handle change and innovation.

  • Elevate motivation/energy levels.

  • Develop time management skills and habits.



My P-Factor approach entails one-to-one, in depth introspective look at your purpose as a leader, identifying your strengths and weaknesses and building an effective map to reach your full leadership potential. I don’t use a universal leadership plan, but a personalised map, which means that the path is tailor-made for what you need and where you want to go. I’ll be your support through the planning and execution, until you are confident with your skills to meet the challenges ahead.

Image by Harli  Marten
Image by Harli  Marten

about me.

Inspired by my passion to help others solve problems, power through challenges, and achieve great personal and professional heights, I decided to leave my 15-year long corporate career to pursue a more fulfilling calling, which is to offer my support and advice to others, in order to help them succeed and progress towards achieving their goals and aspirations in their business and personal lives.


In my years in the corporate and financial sector, working as a legal advisor, I’ve had the honour of supporting and advising individuals ranging from junior team members to senior management. During this time, I often found myself as the ‘go to’ person when people had problems or wanted to share an idea, which led me to realise the right path for me. Soon after, I got my personal and business coaching diploma with Barefoot Coaching. Currently, I divide my time between the UK and UAE coaching professionals and individuals across a geographical spectrum.


My experience of working within corporate and international organisations has enabled me to relate to and understand a wide range of challenges clients often face, which helped me develop the P-factor approach. The widely successful technique has helped clients reach results that far exceeded their expectations.


Evaluation of coaching effectiveness has resulted to reports of better work-life balance achieved through better mindset and time management skills. Clients have seen improved interpersonal relationships, while also increasing efficiency and business, leadership and work performance. 


Business & Personal Coaching cert - Barefoot 

LLM in Law

Legal Practice Certification 

LLB Honours Law

Member of International Coaching Association


my blog.



frequently asked


What can I expect from coaching?


Coaching is a forward focused process. The coaching process is designed to help you achieve your personal and professional goals with support and guidance. For teams and businesses through the changes people makes in these organisations. I will provide a forum for you to establish your goals. I will ask powerful and probing questions, offer different perspectives, while helping you achieve what you want most in your career or business.  Everything we discuss will be confidential. 


What happens in a coaching session?


I offer a free discovery session, which will give you the opportunity to explain what your goals and expectations are from coaching and I can answer any questions you may have about the coaching process. It also allows us to decide whether we want to work with each other.



How many coaching sessions will I need? 


This varies depending on the clients’ goals and objectives. I usually see clients for at least six sessions as it often requires a few sessions to work through things get clarity on how to reach the next level. The initial session is around 90 minutes long with a further 5 sessions lasting around 60 minutes. Sometimes these sessions are longer. It often depends on how quickly the client wants to progress.



Where will the coaching sessions take place?


Coaching sessions can take place face-to-face, via Skype, Zoom or telephone, whichever is the clients’ preferred method.



Thank you for visiting the P-Factor Coaching website.

We hope you found the information helpful.

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- Clara Wasserstein -

- Clara Wasserstein -

I gained so much from my call with Jaqueline. It felt like I was talking to an old friend and the support was incredible. I got a lot of clarity on my niche and what my next steps can be, and also some really important advice on what pitfalls to avoid. I'm incredibly grateful to Jaqueline for her kindness and for so graciously offering her time and expertise.

- Nathan O -

- Nathan O -

Jackie Lawrence was fantastic from the very start. Her enthusiasm is infectious, with a huge amount of knowledge and amazing ideas on how to reach your goals. I finished our session feeling invigorated and empowered. I knew exactly what to do next and more importantly HOW to do it. I would highly recommend Jackie to people who are looking to go to that next level in their career and life. Thank you very much Jackie.

- Barrister -

- Barrister -

I have been attending coaching sessions with Jackie for almost a year and her optimism and careful direction have been invaluable. I was at a crossroads in my life and my future looked bleak. Jackie's pragmatic and objective approach brought clarity and hope for the future. With her help and timely coaching I didn't give up or give in to external stimuli. Her flexible and upbeat persona has an extraordinary way of rubbing off on you and giving you a new zest for life!

- Adrian G -

- Adrian G -

I will be forever grateful for the patience, knowledge and inspiration that Jackie has infused into my core.. and no words could be enough to express that. Thank you for believing in me and taking me onboard all the way, J!