• Jackie Lawrence

Goal setting for entrepreneurs and small businesses is essential for success.

Here is what the value and purpose of goal setting are.

Why Goal Setting Is Important for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses.

Goal setting is essential for any entrepreneur and small business looking to succeed today. You need to know where you stand as a business, as well as where you want to go. Knowing these will help you define your short-term and long-term goals.

It may seem easy to set goals for your business. However, setting unrealistic goals, such as targeting in tens of millions of pounds in revenue in your first year of operation, will be completely useless. You need to define goals that you can practically achieve. Furthermore, avoid falling into the trap of setting up multiple goals all to be accomplished at once. It will become important to prioritize your goals, if you want to succeed at any one of them.

Defining Your Vision

Before goal setting, it is vital to have created your vision for your business. Your vision provides the framework for all actions to be taken in order to achieve the goals.

With your vision established, your business goals will provide you with the road map to your destination. How you arrive at the destination will depend on your overarching vision, your plans, including processes and tactics. It is imperative that any road map incorporates and tracks quantifiable measures of progress such that the business is agile enough to respond and adjust rapidly to changing market dynamics.

Benefits of Setting Goals

With so many priorities to juggle, small business owners can often spend all of their time working in their business leaving very little room to spend time focusing on their business. When it feels like there are not enough hours in the day, goal setting in terms of taking time out to physically write them down, is often the last thing you may feel like making time for. The importance of goal setting becomes clear when you look at the benefits they provide your small business. Here are some of the most valuable benefits you gain from setting goals:

Feeling Satisfied and Accomplished

When you set goals for your business, it gives you something to focus on achieving. There is a deep level of satisfaction and accomplishment that you will feel once you reach those goals. If you have other employees working for you, they will have better performance at work. This is because there is clarity around what you expect from them. Setting and assigning specific goals gives you and your employees direction, making it easier to successfully achieve them.

Getting Motivated

Attainable goals help keep pushing you forward. Regardless of how passionate you are about what your business does, you will sometimes want to take a step back from it. With goals in place, it allows you and your employees to mobilise towards actionable conduct, even when there are menial tasks that need to be completed.

Assist in Defining Success

When you set goals in an effective way, whether it’s through using the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Time-frames) tool or another approach, it will be easier to measure and evidence the success your business achieves and support your business case in times where you may need to seek funding. If it transpires a goal is unlikely to be met, because it was unrealistically set at the outset, you can review and readjust it and continue moving forward.


Most businesses, especially small ones, will need funding or investors to support them at some point. The startup and expansion phases are especially crucial times for a small business, which means they can benefit from some investment money. However, investors will not feel comfortable risking their money on a company that has no defined goals. When you have goals set for your business, you make it easier to convince investors that they should take a calculated risk on you. After all, they are investing in your business in order to make more money.

Shape the Future

When you set goals for your business, you are able to shape the future of it. With only a third of small business owners feeling confident about what lies ahead for their companies, goal setting can help boost the confidence of those who aren't. These goals need to be quantifiable, specific, and bound by a time frame for when they are to be attained. Shaping the future in month, year, and multi-year blocks is an effective way to have more control over the future of your business. When you begin accomplishing your goals, you actualize more of the overall vision you have for your business.

Wrapping Up

Goal setting is an integral component of a successful business strategy. Goals are what keep you and your employees motivated, feeling satisfied, and understanding of what is required to succeed and grow. When you set effective, tangible and achievable goals, you will undoubtedly boost the amount of productivity and success your business experiences.